The Most Complete Accounting and Management Software dProduce Man Software is an integrated accounting and management software designed specifically for the produce industry.

System Manager

The control center for dProduce Man Software combining powerful utilities and system-wide administration functions into a single control center. It houses critical information such as passwords along with customer, vendor, and inventory codes.

Highlights of System Manager

  • Manages multi-users access and control key assignments.
  • Allows you to change "key values," such as customer, vendors, and item inventory numbers and automatically updates all data files and creates audit trails.
  • Business Status Report "Provides real-time forecast of revenue, expenses, cash flow and gross margin.
  • Maintains lookup tables and centralized password controls for data entry validation- add, change, or delete passwords and lookup tables for any company.
  • ReadyView file browsers allow you to create read-only data views on any files. Views can be password protected and are available via hotkey.
  • Allows distribution of data files across multiple file servers.
  • Includes library of functions for development of custom applications.
  • Allows distribution of data files across multiple file servers.
  • System is required for all dProduce Man Installation.