Sales Order/Inventory Control

Easiest automated order entry in the industry. Enter a customer's name and dProduce Man displays all of the items usually ordered by the customer. Instantaneous and automatic display of inventory prices and descriptions. On-line customer credit information such as balance, credit limit, last payment, payment amount etc. Interdependencies exist between Sales Orders and Inventory Control modules. Creates invoices automatically when linked to Accounts Receivable.

Highlights of Sales Order

  • Instantaneous and automatic display of inventory on hand, allocated, and available for sales (with or without lot numbers).
  • Extensive daily inventory control.
  • Repacking capabilities.
  • Ability to print bill of lading at time of order entry.
  • Prints airway bills for exporting.
  • Allows inventory and order taking by various handheld devices.
  • Customer Order Guide.
  • Inactive Customer Report.
  • Customer Inventory and Suggested Price List.
  • Customer Report by route.
  • Update Standing Orders.
  • Automatic customer's price and order fax sheets.
  • Inventory tracking, control and adjustments (with or without lots).
  • Route (truck) load sheet.
  • Unlimited Flexible Pricing allows you multiple pricing levels, current, future, contract and special customer price.
  • Customer and inventory balances are automatically updated with each transaction entered.
  • Provides system-wide data entry verification.