Purchase Order

Provides a complete purchase order processing system with inventory. It tracks goods and services ordered automatically, updates vendor and inventory account balances, and supplies a variety of reports.

Purchase Order Highlights

  • Prints purchase orders and handles receiving.
  • Relates invoices to particular lot numbers.
  • Allows editing of items and/or amounts during receiving.
  • Prints receiving tally sheets for inspections.
  • Prints lot inventory receipts report.
  • Allows customer drop shipment and prints schedules for material receipts.
  • Displays 24 month vendor and 36-month item purchase histories.
  • Business Status Report provides important financial data in real-time for nearly 30 key business measurements, including Open Purchase Orders, and Period-to-Date-Orders.
  • Links with Accounts Payable to track liabilities and generate payments.
  • Automatically records receipts for entire purchase order or line-by-line.
  • Shows On Hand Quantity, On-Order Quantity, and Available Quantity when each line item is entered during purchase order entry.