Comparison of Online vs. In-house System

dProduceman Online dProduceman In-house State of the art dProduce Man Software Setup and testing of all installed hardware and peripherals Hardware installation is an expense you pay to others. 24 / 7 maintenance of SERVER at host site Onsite servers are expensive to purchase and maintenance is constant expense. Daily off site back up Need expensive hardware and requires daily in-house routine set up that has to be followed. OFF SITE back up is extra charge. Available expert training by individuals
with extensive knowledge of the
produce industry 24 / 7
Monthly fee THERE IS NO MONTHLY FEES, but there are unexpected IT services for server maintenance and the cost of the server. Work from anywhere you have access to the internet 1. Requires software to connect to your in-house system
2. It is cumbersome and NOT SECURE.
Yearly support and updates included You pay for yearly support and updates
There are other considerations. For example, we believe that one size DOES NOT fit all. For that reason, we encourage our new customers to initially use the web based system to evaluate dProduce Man and work with us to make any necessary adjustment to make a perfect fit. There is NO LONG TERM contract or huge upfront cost, and you can stop the srvice anytime by giving one month notice.

The best way to compare monthly cost is to equate it to your cell phone. Basically it costs the same or less per user.
dProduce Man Software on-line starts at $175 / user/ per month.