General Ledger

Gives you complete general ledger and financial reporting capabilities, from individual journal entries to balance sheets to income statements. Post entries to current, previous and future. Track information for multiple cost centers and generate statistical reports.

Highlights of General Ledger

  • Record complete audit trails.
  • Support three types of automatic budget generation.
  • Calculates 16 key business ratios.
  • Provides general ledger and financial reporting for up to 13 fiscal periods.
  • Batch entry system allows you to choose one-step journal entry and posting, or save unposted batch for later completion.
  • Maintains unlimited years of posting detail, and includes an option to purge posting detail from the date you specify so you can easily keep the amount of detail you want on-line.
  • All reports can be displayed in scrolling windows, saved to a file, or sent to a printer.
  • Optional departmental accounting enables you to choose whether or not to departmentalize your chart of accounts and retained earnings.
  • Add, edit, or post journal entries.
  • Generate recurring entries.
  • Update from linked programs.
  • Post to previous periods.
  • And much more...