Fresh Cut

dProduce Man's special "Fresh Cut' module has these exciting features which will enable you business to expedite fresh products in a timely, efficient way.

Inventory Tracking

Tracks usage and yield of both stock and non-stock items, including labor and outside services.

Bill of Materials Processing

Automatically breaks out orders to protect detailed labor and material requirements for the next six periods. You define the length of the periods used.

Pricing Flexibility

Percentage of Cost or Market; Flat dollar over cost or market; combination of percentage of cost or market and flat dollar over cost or market; special prices for "ad items"; monitor only cost or market. All other price levels will be calculated automatically.

Inventory History

You can look at 36-month sales history information for inventory items whenever you call up the inventory record.


  • Daily recap report.
  • Gross requirement report.
  • Net requirement report.
  • Where-used report.
  • Average pounds per hour per worker.
  • Average sale prices.
  • Yield per item.
  • Usage; yield per item and variances from standard inventory reports by lot, by customer, by supplier, and by quantity on hand.