Accounts Receivable

Provides a complete billing, inventory control, and accounts receivable system with extensive sales analysis reports. Customer and inventory account balances are automatically updated.

  • Automatic Invoicing.
  • Lot Liquidation Report.
  • Customer Percent Profit Report.
  • Customer Margin Report.
  • Cash Received/Deposit Report.
  • Customer Statement/Credit Memo.
  • Business Status Report.
  • Open Receivables Aging Reports.
  • Sales Analysis by Lot, by Item.
  • Group Pricing.
  • Lot Accounting.
  • Grower Accounting.
  • Load Analysis.
  • Change/Void Invoices and CM.
  • Load Accounting.
  • And much more...
  • Void Checks.

Highlights of Accounts Receivable

  • Customer and inventory balances are automatically updated with each transaction entered.
  • Displays or prints up to 24 months of customer sales and 36 months of item sales histories.
  • Designates customers accounts as either open item or balance forward.
  • Computes and post finance charges for specified customers.
  • Provides for unlimited notes on customer, inventory item, invoice, and statement records.