Accounts Payable

Write checks and tracks credits, discounts, partial payments, and recurring expenses. An extensive report library and the ability to process numerous inquiry types help you manage the details of your business expenses.

Highlights of Accounts Payable

  • Tracks and reports vendor invoices paid by credit card.
  • Allow non-check payment of invoices.
  • Pick lists allow you to scroll GL accounts when entering or editing payables.
  • Allows pre-payments (deposits).
  • Allows vender payments to a separate remit-to-address.
  • Permits user-defined check formats.
  • Flexible bank reconciliation options.
  • Allows unlimited partial payments on open invoices.
  • Lets you define periods for aging payables.
  • Alerts you if vendor credit limits are exceeded.
  • Locates vendors by full or partial vendor ID, telephone numbers, or from pick list.
  • Allows placement of vendors on payment/purchase hold.
  • Enter, change and void payables.
  • Apply Debits.
  • Discount Date.
  • Invoice Debit Number.
  • Void Checks.
  • Generate recurring payables.
  • And much more...